The only group in Hawai'i specialized in providing direct outreach to the dogs of the houseless population and those affected by domestic violence.

Our volunteer crew provides direct outreach to houseless dogs on multiple islands and respond to Urgent calls from police and private sector personnel regarding unique situations of need. 

Serving the camps since 2003, w
e understand that their dog is often the only ohana (family) that a houseless human may have left in this world. It is our honor to help good ohana remain together during the toughest times of their lives.  

Your Aloha for dogs not only saves their lives, it helps families to get back on their feet with their ohana dog. 

The hidden houseless ohana.

Our volunteers have been in the trenches providing direct outreach, aide and vet care resources to houseless dogs for 18 years. Our core crew has over 25+ years of emergency response and hands-on experience caring for dogs. Our long-term service on Oahu and Maui has earned our volunteers a specialized set of skills to efficiently help a dog on all levels, including during severe weather evacuation to recovering from an abusive situation. 

Helping families remain together.

Our community programs help dogs be healthy and safe while empowering their human(s) with supportive tools to navigate changes. 

This unique kokua also extends assistance to dog & human while in emergency or transitional shelter, owner education regarding daily dog care,  current C&C and State of Hawaii dog laws.

A dog’s safety net.

All-encompassing levels of resources for the dogs include spay/neuter, microchipping, 24hr Emergency Care, wellness checks and much more. 

At times a dog’s human could fail them, your Aloha provides a safety net for neglected or abused dogs in unique need

We are not a rescue group, we are so much more. Our Field Crew, Beach Crew and Emergency Response Crew provide professional care and resources to the most destitute dogs in need.  

K9 Kokua is a 501c3 non-profit, all-volunteer operated organization. We do not employ a single person and that means every donation and each effort truly impacts the dogs!

Many houseless dogs live on beaches, on sidewalks, in vehicles and even under bridges with their humans. In cold, wet valleys to the direct sun of a coastline, life is not easy for the dogs. 

Your Aloha provides vet care, spay/neuter, nutrition, preventative care, owner education and anything else a dog will need to remain healthy and happy! 

Your donation saves lives!

Your Aloha provides life-saving surgeries and post-op care!

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Join us to make a broader impact for the community.

We are always seeking volunteers to help with; outreach, transporting a dog to/from the vet, coordinating events/fundraisers, collecting items of need (dog food, collars, leashes, beds, etc), social media admins and much more!

Email your volunteer interest to: or give us a call @ 808-284-4310.

Monthly donors ensure help is always there for the innocents.

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